A War Story – Arnett vs Bin Laden

A War Story is based on the dramatic events leading up and subsequent to the interview conducted in 1997 by New Zealand journalist Peter Arnett with Osama bin Laden. To arrange the interview Arnett met with bin Laden’s Lieutenants in London. Later he flew with them to Pakistan and on to Afghanistan where he and his crew were blindfolded and driven to a remote mountain location. Hours later bin Laden and a group of armed militia arrived. Arnett had prepared thirty-two questions. Bin Laden’s responses were a window into the future as he outlined his vision of changing the Arab world, explaining his determination to expel American troops and rid Muslim lands of foreign cultural influences. On the eve of 9/11, Arnett flew into New York City to stay with his daughter. The next day he watched horrified as the towers collapsed; his mind recalling the interview and bin Laden’s veiled threat.