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Christina Asher Casting

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Welcome to the CNA Casting Home Page for Christina Asher, Casting Director for Film & Television.

It’s interesting to cast my memory back over the 30 plus years I’ve worked as a Casting Director. The makers of the first movie I ever cast, TE RUA, have now passed on having earned many accolades for their work. Barry Barclay for his superb documentaries and dramas and John O’Shea was considered the Grandfather of the film industry in this country. They were pioneers who tried to steer the industry in the best direction for film makers. Today I work with many young film creatives who are equally as passionate about storytelling as their forebears, but often unaware of the work that went on to establish the industry.

I’ve worked on many wonderful projects over the years and traveled to exotic places to work. I’ve met fascinating people in far off places, best of all incredibly talented actors. We are fortunate in Aotearoa to have great stories to tell with our own history being mined as a source of these tales.

After three decades I still feel privileged to see actors at work with Directors who also know their craft. Bringing the two together remains deeply rewarding.

Christina Asher